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The little Adventure

Adventure Playground

Exercise and experience!


A generous playground with a huge amount of play equipment for climbing, exercising and moving offers room for romping around in the open air.  No traffic noise, no uncomprehending neighbours, and no asphalt – here you can freely play, run and come up with great adventures.
And you will surely make some new friends!

The offer is completed by high-quality play equipment and a good overview for mom and dad (who can, of course, also relax and refresh).

Bogenschießen mit Saugnapfpfeilen


Special kids bows with suction cup arrows are offered free of charge for children under the age of 6.

On our bow course you get a bow and suction cup arrows. Koko our mascot holds a target that you can then shoot.

Generationen Klettergarten

Our generation climbing garden for young and old!


Equipped with a helmet and climbing gear, you climb up to one meter and manage the course. Suitable for three years.

Dad, mom, grandma, grandpa or aunt may accompany you.

Petting Zoo

For our young and particularly animal-loving visitors:


Children and animals – an outstanding combination.  In our petting zoo, animal encounters are an experience for the youngest children.  Goats, sheep and chickens are tame and trusting.  You can pet them, because they like being pampered.  Our rabbits must not be touched, which is why they are to be found in a fenced area.  However, they like being watched and photographed.

Please ensure that the child’s “love rush” will not result in chasing the animal or throwing objects at it. Thank you!  Moreover, we ask you not to feed any food (sweets etc.) other than the pet food.

Slackline Course

Balancing on the slackline

Slackline2_tSlacklining requires the sportsperson’s interplay of balance; concentration and coordination.

Have you ever tried slacklining? 
If so, you will know that it is not as easy as it looks with the pros.

Once on the slackline, it seems to shake uncontrollably under your body. 
However, if you follow a few advices, you will quickly make progress
and soon belong to the cracks as well…

Wellington Boot Throwing

Gummi1Wellington boot throwing - the family game in close touch with nature!

Wellington boot throwing is a leisure activity for young and old and can be played in the forest in our adventure park.
Specific physical condition is not required.  Skilfulness and endurance are more than sufficient.

Everything you need to enjoy this game will be provided to you free of charge.  Essentially, this would be the throwing device (Wellington boot) and the course map you will receive at the cash point.
The rules of the game are written on boards in a clear and understandable manner.

We wish you and your family a lot of fun!

Disc Golf Course

discgolfFun from the start!

Disc golf is a sport for everyone, from primary school children to seniors.  Relaxed exercise in the open air and the social aspect make disc golf a top experience for families and groups.

The object of the game is to finish a course in the fewest number of throws, while he rules are similar to golf:  You throw the disc from within a designated area towards a metal catching basket.  You mark the spot where the disc landed and continue playing from this point.  The course is completed when the disc is sunk in the basket.  Depending on course and level of difficulty, the course lengths vary between 10 and 30 metres.  The total game time is approx. 20minutes.  Your disc awaits you directly at the entry of the disc golf terrain.  Included in the entrance fee.

Go Kart Course for Children

Gokart4Playing is fun, especially in the open air!

Come out and play!!  There is nothing more beautiful than experiencing the most exciting adventures alone or together with your friends.
You are at the wheel and decide which way your adventure will go.  That’s so cool!

A nice and interesting course awaits you in the forest.  Far away from dangerous streets you can ride the go kart to your heart’s content.

You will ride a stable and solid go kart from the global market leader BERG.

Trampoline (costs extra)

Trampoline – play, fun and sports
TrampolinheaderNo chance of boredom here: While jumping, you are training your entire body without noticing it.  We put emphasis on safety and quality.  The jumping nets are replaced annually.

Let’s get started!  Get your ticket for EUR 3.00 (at the pony stand) and start jumping!

Pony Riding  (costs extra)

Pony1Pony Riding on Wendy and Flocke

Pony riding is a further highlight.  Children can enjoy their time on the backs of our friendly ponies.  Children from 3 to 10 years and a maximum weight of 40 kg are allowed to ride on our ponies.

We would like to point out that we do not want to exploit our animals, so we give them the breaks they deserve.  We appreciate your understanding.  Pony riding is always possible from 11 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 5 PM.